Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hour Five: Autopost

Nothing like 80s chick rock to keep the adrenaline going.  The music is going to get weirder as the day progresses.  Hopefully I anticipate my weirdness level correctly.

Something funny:

The Music:

A quote that Inspires Steph: "No one knows me, so no one knows what to expect. I can have whatever past I want; I can forget how I used to be... Before, I had nothing.... I had nothing, and nothing to lose, and then I knew loss. What I cared about was gone; it was all lost. Now I have everything to gain; everything is clean slate. It's all blank pages waiting to be written on." --As Simple As Snow, Gregory Galloway

The Question: What writers or artists inspire you?


  1. I love John Green and The Great Gatsby. I get inspired by cheesy anthems and love music with beautiful imagery and music that matches, like Jimmy Eat World.

    I'm really glad I did these posts. They are giving me a nice timed break every hour and I think that is making me be more productive.

  2. I'm inspired by the works of Nick Hornby and Maeve Binchy because their books are honest genuine stories that are driven by the characters in them. I would love to write like they do and have the careers that they do. Especially Nick Hornby because he is getting all his books adapted to movies! And that would be awesome!