Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hour Thirteen: Autopost

Officially halfway there!  Let's celebrate and then get back to writing.

Something funny:

The Music:

A quote that Inspires Steph: "Not knowing you can't do something is sometimes all it takes to do it." Ally Carter

The Question: Did you pace yourself so you could last all night?  Or did you try to do most of your work when you knew you would be (reasonably) well rested?


  1. I'm so glad I did these posts! I like laughing. I like music. I'm still writing. Not procrastinating or staring at a screen. No, not me.

  2. I love Maroon 5!

    Well, I think if you do this write-a-thon again and I'm able to participate I would try to pace myself. And give myself lots of different things to work on but set goals for every hour. But I know when I do participate in the read-a-thons I always try to do the heavy stuff first when I'm well rested.

  3. I am so doing this again! :) I'm working on a screenplay right now, but novels are WAAAAY more fun, so I'm going to do this again in November. Because I am totally going to win Nano. :)