Saturday, November 5, 2011


I'm suddenly starting to worry that I'll miss an hour and I'll just have this random post go up with nothing but my signature and the unfulfilled promise of a Pumped Up Kicks cover... but if that happens, it won't be this hour.


This might be from last time, but all the videos were taken down, so I don't remember if I posted this vid last time or Fuel to the Fire.  Either way, this band is awesome!  And keeps me awake.  Not that I need it... yet.



 I can get a bit obsessive at times... at those times, everything relates back to writing in my mind.  The following quote isn't just good life advice, but it's a reminder to keep our characters moving! Because it's not going to work if things are happening to slowly...

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  1. 5415 words so far...not nearly enough. Maybe this hour I'll get close to a thousand like Kate keeps getting!