Sunday, November 6, 2011


We! Totally! Did! It!

Actually, we probably all went to bed.  But we got a ton done.  So go us.

MUSIC: I'm obsessed with this cover... so it's a treat for getting to the end.  This is what got me obsessed with all the versions of this song.

You made it.

...and so, unfortunately, we must all wake up in the morning and write some more.  Anybody awake when this posted?  What are the final word counts for everybody?


  1. I failed! I only wrote 1500 words! I played Majhong tiles for hours! And then, last night, God sent a 5.6 earthquake to shake up Oklahoma as my punishment! I wonder if I should call the news anchors and let them know that the earthquake was all my fault....oh, maybe not, I don't want to pick up the check for all the damage!

  2. I failed too! But I was sick, so I have some tiny excuse. I did get almost 6k, but still short of my original goal of writing 10k in one day. I needed it though, so thank you for hosting Steph!

  3. I spent a lot of time staring at my computer screen and snacking. I only got about 5500 words. Thanks for doing it with me! Very fun. :)

    Hope you're okay!